Children’s Art Classes in TeaTree Gully

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Diverse art forms.
Drawing as a foundation.
Tactile & hands on.
Confidence & skill development.

Wild Craft Studio is facilitated by Camille, a qualified Visual Arts Educator who has been shaped and inspired by the many bright young minds that have come through her studio classrooms in the past 5 years of teaching art.

Camille nurtures the innate imagination and creativity in young people by helping them to develop new skills and explore new mediums while they build confidence in expressing their unique ideas and stories.

Weekly classes allow children and young people to gradually build their skills and confidence; beginning with a foundation of drawing and painting techniques, followed by ceramics and printmaking. Feedback is tailored to the individual and each participant’s personal goals and interests are incorporated.

Camille embraces the creative experience and believes it to be an essential part of life. She pursues her own art practice outside of teaching is constantly reflecting on and inquiring into the creative process.

Customer Reviews

- Parent
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"Wild Craft classes are a relaxed and fun creative outlet for the kids to express their personalities while being exposed to new techniques and mediums. My two children and our art wall are forever grateful for these classes and we will definitely be back next term."
- Parent
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"We are excited to book our son in for another term. He has so loved this term's classes and always returns home from each class with the most grounded, talkative, open-hearted energy ❤ So thank you for holding space for rich art exploration and play among these young ones :)"

Term Classes on offer

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Age 5-8

Little Artists

Innate creativity

This class is all about experimentation, fun, the imagination and learning new ways of expressing oneself with art.

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Age 8-11

Young Makers

Driving ideas

In this age group, children begin to learn more specific techniques; they build a toolbox of foundational drawing or painting skills, and understanding of colour, shape, space and line.

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Age 12-15

Young Creatives

Building self-direction

Tailored to the individual participants’ interests and passions, this group provides new techniques, mediums and content to explore; balanced with personalised feedback and supporting self-agency.

Our Values

Wild Craft Studio’s offerings are underpinned by core values.

Children's Voice

Young people thrive when their own voice, stories and imagination can lead their creative expression. True art is an expression of self.

Diverse Materials

We express ourselves in more than one way, and each material brings its own inspiration, joys, skills and challenges.

Skill Development

Creativity and self-expression is supported by explicitly taught foundational skills in each art form.

Artist Mindset

An artist connects with the innate joy of creating, embraces challenges, learns through practice, self reflects and practices positive self-talk.

Our Community

At Wildcraft Studio, we take great pride in our commitment to giving back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey. We believe that a responsible business should not only thrive but also contribute positively to society.

Our Studio

The studio is nestled in the back of Gallery 1855, a community gallery which houses rotating exhibitions and diverse workshops from Adelaide based artists.

Adjacent to the studio is a lush reserve and bush area which provides a wonderful natural setting to tap into and get artistic inspiration from throughout the seasons.

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